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Default Re: What do you make of this quote?

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
No worse than your spelling of seriously!
lol - a rather SPURIOUS typo ... that's why I've only ever had one secretarial job. Seriously :)

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
The media only shapes opinions for those not strong enough to have their own. Sure they offer perspectives, often biased, but people need to assess all the information they can get and make their own minds up. Same goes for music and labels/radio. People are free to explore whatever music they want, and it's never been easier (or less-expensive) than in the Internet age. If they fail to do that, it's their fault, not the music industry's.
I'm hearing you. In other words, they're bringing across the luke warms - the swinging voters. And they would be the fastest-growing segment of the musical marketplace since are increasingly time poor and don't have the time to spend hours with their heads buried between the speakers, emotions riding every nuance. More's the pity.

Guess I'm just an old fogey pining for the glory days ... and even getting too senile to type properly lol

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