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Default Re: What do you make of this quote?

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
As I recall, FourFront is not one of those major media corporations, and I haven't heard of them. I wonder what choices they offer the public?

So I Googled them, and it's no choices. Christopher Knab is a consultant trying to sell his services/books to people trying to deal with 'the business', by fostering a hostility towards the powers that be.

I'm not saying the labels are perfect, or that some hostility might not be well-deserved, but I'm also cautious about opinions from anyone with an agenda.

Fair point but, as with all communications media there's a feedback loop. The print media always claims (suriously) they are not shaping opinion but only reflecting it and I think there's the same thing going on in the music biz. I don't see either situation as sinister because that's just how things work.

More than anything, I am disturbed by my spelling of "provocative"!
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