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i, as well, expected more positive feedback on mike portnoy.

dream theater as a whole definitely does have an amazing amount of talent (with the exception of the singer). i actualy find it amazing that so many people have so much negative feedback on him.

dream theater does not rip off rush. there may be one or two songs that sound alike, or whatever, but, as a whole, it cant be said that dream theater rips off rush. when was the last time rush did an overture? and a honky-tonk breakdown? ive heard it said many times that neal peart is one of the only people who could outplay mike portnoy. he cant. mike portnoy could play rush songs, but i cant imagine peart playing DT songs. and dream theater as a whole has a much better sound, and is way more technical. (with the exception of the singers... both of which could... use work?)

and, i completely agree with whats posted above me, with the exception of the statement: "I guess Peart is a much better musician, but Mike is a better drummer." Mike is a better drummer. however, he is also the better musician. mike portnoy writes at least half of the lyrics and a third of the music on all of the dream theater albums. he also plays with neal morse, transatlantic, and liquid tension experiment. aside from that, in many DT songs they blend so many different types and styles of music. mike portnoy is an incredibly diverse drummer, and can play a variety of styles without a problem.

peart definitely is an amazing drummer and has potential, but portnoy tops him.
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