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Default Re: What do you make of this quote?

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
That quote was just one mans opinion, a man who sounded like he was in a cynical mood when he stated it. I don't give it much creedence.
I was going to say that as well, although I know that some musicians/non-musicians will find a truth in there that fits their situation.

Musicians saying that labels (or radio) actually control what people like, is giving those entities a lot of credit, and is an argument often used by 'artists' to rationalize a failed career. No, I'm not referring to T-Bone, who's done just fine in spite of most commercial outlets not catering to him. But it's no surprise that the musicians who deride radio and labels, are the ones who can't get airplay or record deals (or whose deal went sour.)

If T-Bone is suggesting that non-musicians genuinely don't know what they like - or they dislike music altogether - that says a lot more about people than labels or radio.

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