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Default Re: What do you make of this quote?

Originally Posted by TheGroceryman View Post
Nah nah this guys all wrong. People love music, humans love music, music is a part of human life, its inescapable. It's just that the role of music has changed drastically. Music is less of an art statement now as it is a personality one, meaning people don't like music for what it is, they like it for what the performers make it. You see lady Gaga go crazy on stage and people love it. Music doesn't have any substance anymore, though performances do. All that dancing, lighting, hot women, hot men, it didn't use to be like that. All people care about now is a song to which you can dance, who cares if they're using the same 3 or 4 chords and whatnot; it generates revenue because people want to go see the concerts, because after all, performances is what makes the money now.

All of this is an affect of how people aren't buying CDs anymore, which is a result of the ridiculous amounts of technology there is that allows people to listen to music without spending money. Musicians can't sell themselves based off of the fact that they play great music, they need a great act.

At least that's what I think.
And you think very clearly IMO

Here is another quote I find provokative:
Consumers have musical choice? What musical choice? In or society we choose only from what we are given to choose from, and that choice is determined by 5 major media corporations who control the exposure outlets that consumers depend on for their entertainment.
Christopher Knab, FourFront Media and Music

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