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Originally Posted by GNRFAN
That is wrong, Matt used Yamaha only while playing with Guns N Roses. Use Your Illusion 1 & 2 were not recorded as seperate albums. GNR recorded each song in no perticular order and then decided afterwards what to put on each album. I believe he used the Yamaha Recording Custom on UYI 1 & 2 and on "The Spaghetti Incident".

This is true, he has turned to DW now.

I am pretty sure about this and yes, they were recorded simultaneously, same drums. I have to find that MD somewhere. It was probably on the "Ask A pro" section. If you have a better knowledge about the sessions including some pictures of Matt tracking the drums on RC's then it's perfectly fine and I was wrong. I just know many players who use different gear in studio from the brand they use "officially". I certainly would not use only one brand of snare drums in studio, no matter who would pay for them.

For example Chad Smith plays Pearl 'exclusively', but "Blood, sugar, sex, magic" album featured many different brand drumsets. Many odd vintage drums rented from the Drum Doctors etc. The result may not be very audible, but they make for a different vibe to the player. Even the great Lars Ulrich used Gretch (or was it Rogers?) drums on the "Black album".

Endorsements come more handy on the road and also the drum companies get more exposure through the live shows rather than the studio sessions.

As a complete Yamaha fan and player I too was disappointed to hear that Mapex story, but they are still great albums. I still hear some Yamaha tone in the drums of that album, though...

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