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Default Re: What do you make of this quote?

Well I now know after Googling his name who T Bone is but I never heard of him prior to this thread. That may have something to do with his comment, possibly he did not get a piece of the Nickelback/Staind/lincoln park big money that alot of people consider crap music.

I doubt humans have ever agreed on what music they like. Some people just like music to have a good time , dance and chat with friends, others like to feel some other emotion like sadness, blues, or anger some like the lyrics more, some like the musicianship more. Who is to say who is right and who is wrong?

Hell I like all different kinds of music for different reasons it just depends on my mood. I own CD's from Zeppelin, and the Beatles, to The Bee gee's, Black label society, Commodores, Godsmack, and yes Nickelback too. So what?

Music will evolve and not everyone will like it, I agree the aught's (00's) have been rough but I am not sure if it's because of my age or it is just really that bad. I like to think it's my age (42).

Maybe Grunge was the last great recognizable Genre, Maybe emo or screamo will evolve into something huge, hell maybe Jazz will evolve into something that rivals rock and roll and hip hop as far as sales and popularity goes who knows, just be glad we have the great music that has already been created (whatever that is to you) and enjoy it.
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