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Default Re: What do you make of this quote?

[quote=Pollyanna;656275][INDENTThey discovered if they could sell music to a lot of those people, they could sell a lot more records."

I laughed when I read this sentence by itself. It seems almost comical when you get to what it really IS saying. I mean, its the most basic math... that part was funny.

But when you think about "what" they will do to make the people that dont like music-simply "start" liking music, and more, start "paying" for it...thats not really too funny.

Passing trends have always effected music and music sales.For example- A certain fad goes over a certain group of people(lets saaaayy- Boy bands and teenage girls). So the powers that be see whats happening and obviously they want to capitalize on it however they can. They did, and alot of people made a TON of money(thats what they were looking for, right?). But after all the overkill and carbon copies of boy bands you had a saturation effect,leading to a self destruction of that whole scene(maybe even contributing to having people that dont like music)... after all, a 13 yr old kid will be 18 soon enough and then what?

On the other hand, you have different genres of music that can either stick or fall apart. Rock, soul, jazz, funk, blues, country, hip hop, electronica, etc,etc.... these are the obvious ones that have been tweaked and blended to make newer genres, with those being altered even more. Listeners can easily lose interest when they dont really know what they like and cant put it into a category. I see some "genres" today that make absolutely no sense and could merely be just a word or two coined by some P.R. guy looking to claim that their new band has created a "whole new style of music!" Ok..but chances are its been done before.

I recently heard Linkin Park stating that their new album is so different its actually "a new genre of music", and I cant wait to hear this new category added to the list of about 600.
"scream-core? post-emo? rap-hop?

No wonder some people dont like music, much less pay for it! They probably gave up when they walked into a store, checked the rock section for Kid Rock and never found him- not knowing its categorized in the "rap-rock with a southern twang to it" section...Or whenever they turn on the radio and hear the same songs repeated on 4 hour cycles!!! That right there can make music annoying.. LOL but I must digress...

I should say, that we as musicians are the 'makers of music' and while we all have our own personal tastes, we just enjoy listening to whats there and can take something from it in a personal way then reflect it onto others, hoping they get something from it also.. It can be inspiration, sadness, anger, bliss, or motivation, but if its lost on someone completely, they may have to see it from another angle. An angle that can make no sense to us...

Either way I have trouble believeing that "people dont like music".... If they did, I d feel bad but I ll still try to find a way to get to em....(I lost track of the original post again, sorry)...
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