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Originally Posted by Strangelove View Post
George Martin the producer? Where are you getting this information? I have read in Guitar Magazines that Paul used to track over some George Harrison lead tracks from original recording to what eventually ended up on vinyl (Paul was a control freak), but have never heard of anybody writing chops for Ringo. I love Ringo's composition on Come Together (and Abbey Road in general) and would really be disappointed if he did not write it.
The others suggested parts to Ringo regularly but it's not clear to what extent he followed the suggestions, to quote him:
When we first started, they basically went John and Paul's way because they were the writers and they would say, "This is the song," and I would play as creatively as I could. Sometimes I would have three people telling me how to do it. They were saying playing this like on that track. I'm saying, "For Christ's sake, there are two drummers there." They could never hear that, you know. You'd have to have four arms to do half the stuff they wanted me to do.
A quote from Paul:
We always gave Ringo direction on every single number. It was usually very controlled. Whoever had written the song, John for instance, would say, "I want this." Obviously, a lot of things came out of what Ringo was playing, but we would always control it.
Can't say how often "control" meant saying, "Yes, I like that". I agree, the drum parts on a number of songs on Abbey Road are great. Ringo always has me thinking "how did he think of that?" Things like Getting Better and Ticket to Ride etc etc
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