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Default Re: What do you make of this quote?

Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
People still like music. They just may not want to pay for it.
There wasn't that much competition for the entertainment dollar.
Enter the video game. Atari, Xbox, PlayStation. All competition for that "entertainment" dollar. Gotta have a Wii. Everyone needs a Guitar Hero too. Better upgrade to HD. Blue Ray. CRT television, gotta have LED flatscreen at least, but to be cool you really need plasma.
They've sold over 220 million iPods, but that don't mean anyone's buying music.
I think that says alot about the way people act these days.. Some need the best and newest, some cant live without video games or computers, others just want to show people what they have and how nice it is. They may have been brought up on a different value system, and its kind of a shame. I happen to RELY on music every day just to get through the day, and always appreciate having that as an option. Music can easily change one's life, but if all you know is video games and FM radio... you can so easily miss out on what was right there all along. I ramble here...

Commercial radio doesnt help much either. How much great music do you know of that will never be played on the big FM stations? Even satellite radio has gotten worse(imo) and thats why I cancelled it.

Alot of us here, and I assume every other musician has been lucky enough to not be one of those people that "doesnt like music"... I know I could never live without it! So I ve always tried to "push" or "recommend" lesser known acts to friends or family... or whoever will listen. If they like it, good- I ll make a cd of different stuff and hope they buy more. If not- oh well, someone else will.
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