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Default Re: What do you make of this quote?

People still like music. They just may not want to pay for it.
I worked in record/CD/DVD/video stores for over 10 years. Bring an infant into a record shop, and you tend to have a happy/dancing/singing baby in a short time.
But this ain't the "summer of love" anymore. Used to be, a six pack of beer, a good steak, and the newest "music score of the week", was what many people did with some of that hard earned paycheck. There wasn't that much competition for the entertainment dollar.
Enter the video game. Atari, Xbox, PlayStation. All competition for that "entertainment" dollar. Gotta have a Wii. Everyone needs a Guitar Hero too. Better upgrade to HD. Blue Ray. CRT television, gotta have LED flatscreen at least, but to be cool you really need plasma.
They've sold over 220 million iPods, but that don't mean anyone's buying music.
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