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Default Re: What do you make of this quote?

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
My opinion is that T Bone Burnett is right on the money. Whatever it is that people like about CDs or bands or songs or live performances, it sure as hell isn't the music.

BUT. I'm not at all sure that it hasn't always been that way.
So why do they buy it? A fashion accessory? Status symbol? An identity marker? I don't think there's much doubt that music has become just one more positional goods, along with houses, cars, clothes, plasma TVs etc. It happens to most other types of consumer goods (as per Ian's comment) so why wouldn't music be commodified?

Do you want to seem sophisticated at your dinner parties? How about some smooth MOR jazz/funk? Do you want to seem cool with your friends? Rap or metal, depending on the scene. Up-to-date? The latest Big Thing. Serious and sophisticated? One of the classical masters should do the trick.

But then again, why not? Music isn't necessarily sacred, although it can be. Perhaps commodification is not the worst thing and can lead to genuine appreciation when a person suddenly stops hearing the musical wallpaper and actually listens to it? Just thinking aloud ...

One thing I do know is that for a very long time musicians have been treated as lowly serfs unworthy of respect by venue owners - unless they make it big, in which case they become cartoonised and that two-dimensional image idolised.

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