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Default Re: Ringo Starr - why did he play a right handed kit ?

Hi I'm new here. I've been a fan of Ringo's and the Beatles since the 60's. Even though I was only 4 at the time I do remember their first Ed Sullivan appearance. Anyway, I got the complete set of re-mastered CD's for Christmas and have been reading everything I can on the hows and why's of the songs. I read that Ringo felt held back as far as rolls and fills because he was a left handed person "Forced" his words to play a right handed kit. I'm a left handed drummer. I'm completely lost on a right handed kit. I'm very left handed. To the point I can't play Rock Band unless I could rearrange the kit. When I sit in on a jam session I need to at least switch the snare, HH, and floor tom. So being as he was in the premier band of all time, why was he forced to play right handed? There is no such thing as a right handed or left handed drum set, it's all in the way you set them up. It's not like a guitar. I'm sure he could have had anything he wanted after they hit the big time.

When I was a regular at the local jam sessions I got the nick name lefty Dave because I appeared to be the only Left handed drummer in a sea of right handed drummers. Because of that I always got there first and set up my kit for the night.

So anyway, I'd like to hear feedback as to why Ringo didn't just set up his kit left handed?

Thanks, Dave Premier 5 piece acoustic kit, Alesis DM Pro electronic kit
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