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Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
Having not seen the movie, I won't judge it, but it sounds to me that you like movies that are more like video games. I will not see an animated movie. Just not my taste. I have nothing against 3D as I have seen a bunch that were good, but I would like to see an adventure movie or drama with real scenery, real people, etc. Anything Alfred Hitchcock come to mind. Let's keep the video games for the xBox and start making real movies again with REAL cinematography. Computers have taken over enough of our lives, he said typing on one, and would just like to see a real movie again without all of the computerization.
I'm not all about graphics, but it is a big aspect of modern cinema. I'm simply stating that this is a big landmark in terms of graphics and cinema for that matter. If there was a film out with what was believed to the best script so far or the best acting so far, people would go and see it. I'm not saying special effects are as important but I just needed a comparison. PLus this isn't like watching animation. It's that good it looks REAL, it looks like there are actual blue people on the screen, not animated ones.

If it's really not for you I'd recommend 'The Road'. Depressing as hell but all about the actors performance.

My point with this movie (Avatar) is that is a real Star Wars moment (of my generation) and I just want everyone to be a part of it.
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