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Originally Posted by freebirdgdw View Post
I have many views on this film and they may not all go down well haha!

Firstly I was very critical of this film before I saw it and although my friend said it will be one of the greatest films ever, i disagreed. However I'm not one of these people that refuse to see a film because of hype or other peoples opinions etc or to try and be different and rebel. I try to see as many films as possible to fully understand and appreciate the world of film. So i went with him to see it on the opening day (at an iMax screen in 3D to maximise the experience) and I can honestly say it blew me away. I thought it was amazing and is definitely one of the best films I've ever seen.

The 3D and special effects absolutely amazed me. I'm more than willing to sit back and fully appreciate something as beautiful and astounding as Avatar. You couldn't of had graphics like tis 10 years ago. Once again people who are willing to miss out on such a land mark in special effects because they heard the story line wasn't up to Shakespeare's level are what I'd call 'idiots'.

As for the script/story line, it's not the best ever or the most original but what is. There's a theory that all films can be stripped down to about 5 or 6 different simple story lines. Take The Matrix for example, The protagonists world is not what it seems and is turned upside down, so he joins a rebellion to beat the system. What's new about that. What makes The Matrix special is the details; bullet time, fight scenes, characters etc. Same for Avatar, the difference is in the details. (I have nothing against The Matrix btw, it's one of my favorite films but I just used it as an example).

I'm very passionate about film and study it at uni as well as going to cinema at least once a week, having a large DVD collection and buying/reading movie magazines. I'm not saying this makes me an expert on the matter by any means but I'm just pointing out that I have made my opinions of this film with reference to many factors.

Another criticisms of the film I've heard are 'it's too long', 'I got bored' or 'it's too far fetched'. These people are also idiots who get more excited about whatever crap rom-com Adam Sandler will be in next. I am not even going to go into this matter!

My opinions may ruffle a few feathers haha but it's what i think and you're entitled to you're opinions too even if you're wrong :P

This is the only film he has made since Titanic, which lets be honest isn't an awful movie. There are much, much worse movies being released all the time, and if you happened to catch one of these, you wouldn't look up the director to especially avoid their future releases normally.

No doubt his old work is amazing too though
Having not seen the movie, I won't judge it, but it sounds to me that you like movies that are more like video games. I will not see an animated movie. Just not my taste. I have nothing against 3D as I have seen a bunch that were good, but I would like to see an adventure movie or drama with real scenery, real people, etc. Anything Alfred Hitchcock come to mind. Let's keep the video games for the xBox and start making real movies again with REAL cinematography. Computers have taken over enough of our lives, he said typing on one, and would just like to see a real movie again without all of the computerization.
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