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Default Re: James Cameron's Avatar

Originally Posted by freebirdw
The 3D and special effects absolutely amazed me.
What amazed me about Avatar was not the 3D, which I took for granted pretty quickly, but its beauty - the scenery, the animals, the Na'vi. My eyes couldn't get enough of it.

Originally Posted by Thaard View Post
Now I mostly watch Ingmar Bergman, David Lynch and those sort of deeper movies. Last year I tried to watch as many noir movies as possible, but there wasnt that many of them that were any interesting. Sometimes though, It's cool with easy to like movies, but then I pop in some zombie-movies or ace venture. Sort of a guilty pleasure..
Oh yeah, David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick - the dark geniuses. Much time for Ridley Scott too. But producers like Peter Jackson and James Cameron have amazing aesthetic sense IMO.

Apparently there's people out there suffering from depression because Pandora isn't real and they will never see it in real life. Poor sods. They're probably the kind of people who shed a tear watching South Park when Kenny gets killed off, but my point is that the film is incredibly visually alluring.

I love spaced-out movies and books; it's refreshing. Like a holiday from reality. I usually prefer to live on Planet Zod anyway, but sometimes reality has its way of forcing itself on you. I get enough reality in life without dealing with more of it in my free time. That's when crazy eye candy like Avatar and the internet are most therapeutic IMO - to bring us humans back to our natural, psychedelic state :)
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