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I first heard Trilok Gurtu on the Oregon album 45th Parallel. I really liked how punchy and wet his bass drum sounded, not to mention his playing. Then I saw him live in the John McLaughlin trio with Kai Eckhardt. He had a very unique kit setup and way of playing, it was somewhere in between what I would think of as a jazz fusion drummer and a percussionist.

At one point during the show he did a solo and used this large kind of pot filled with water and made interesting sounds, as I recall maybe even using his voice and dropping something like a coin into the water.

But overall the thing that really freaked me out was that he sat down on the floor and I dont think actually even used his foot to play bass drum patterns. Originally listening to the Oregon album I was picturing someone sitting down "normally" playing a "normal" drum kit.

After the show all the drummers gathered around his unusual looking kit. I noticed he used this kind of Plexiglass frame with what looked like 3 larger sized rototoms embedded in it, one of which was probably a 20" that he used for bass drum. I think it might have had hydraulic heads on it or something, because if you listen to that Oregon album the rototom like bass drum sounded very wet like he might have used those kind of heads. If anybody knows what that rorotom frame thing he had was, I always would have loved to know. He also had a very small maybe 10" snare? which sat mere inches above the floor on this little stand underneath it.

Trilok Gurtu obviously is one of a kind.
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