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Originally Posted by intheruff View Post
Hey Tim, I checked out your vid playing heel/toe with galoshes on... lol. You made it look as if there were nothin' to it. With renewed confidence I again tried the technique on my Tama single pedal and it actually sorta' bounced, actually three times. Then I went to my DW 4000 double pedal and I didn't have much luck using my heel, in fact often the beater didn't even reach the batter when using only my heel. I notice you say that you use different spring and distance adjustments (the 4000 doesn't have a 'distance' adjustment), which makes me wonder why the Tama pedal is more user friendly doing my sloppy rendition of a h/t than the DW (and yes, I will continue to practice it now that I've seen your technique)? I tried to get to your site so see whether you had any clues to tension adjustment, seat height, positioning, etc., but had to sign in to you tube and I don't have an account there. So I'm asking you here whether one pedal is inherently better than the other, or ????, or my footwear (I was wearing only socks on the Tama and boots on the DW). Any enlightenment will be appreciated...
I spent a LOT of time explaining the transitions for the feet on the TMA dvd and once you learn the transitions between heel down, heel up, heeltoe,constant release singles vs doubles etc. it makes more sense and becomes easier to control your pedals.
Not to toot my own horn LOL BUT thisTMA dvd is the most comprehensive foot technique dvd on the market today.
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