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Default Re: Is it fair to play live with a metronome?

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
This sounds like a real undertaking to me. Wouldn't there need to be someone offstage running the sequences? Or if, say, the keyboard player could trigger these sequences, loops or whatever, wouldn't they be heard over the monitors like everything else, meaning that no click would be needed since everyone on stage could hear them? I mean, it's not only drummers who need to have good time.
When I've done, I controlled the start and stop. So no need for anyone offstage.
The loops and whatever do go through the monitors, but as a drummer, it's still important to have the clock to lock in with the loops, especially for where are spaces or rests between notes.

The band has to follow me. Which they should anyway.

As for being an under taking, only to create the backing tracks. But then I enjoy being more than JUST the drummer in the band.
I have my own home recording studio, so it's not a big deal to me to make the tracks.

Also, doesn't this make sound check a lot more difficult?
No, not anymore than having one more person in the band. For a soundman, it's no different than having a keyboard player live on stage.

And doesn't it introduce the great possibility for disaster if the whole thing stops working for some reason?
True. But if the band works with this kind of stuff, they should be good enough to play without it too if it all goes down. The backing tracks should add to the band, not provide the major chunk of the music.

In other words is it worth it? I can see major acts using this stuff, but your basic bar band?
I never said anything about being a basic bar band.
I certainly wouldn't use backing tracks on a blues gig at the local pub.

I know I'm coming across as an old fart, but the idea of "as long as I have a click track I'll be alright" just seems wrong to me.[
You're confusing the concepts here. I don't think anyone has said such a statement.

I'm merely pointing out why someone might use one, not that they are a requirement or needed.
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