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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Which pic do you mean? If it's the double kick live rig--it is indeed the Vault Precision ride. I'm using mainly Vault and AA crashes live but have the Fast Crashes on the recording I do use them all. Thanks in advance for getting your shops in line, and getting them to carry the stick. But, you can always order online.

Thanks, man.


You know, I was kind of caught off guard by that question. I don't know if that's truly my favorite but it's one of them, and was a memorable session for me. I read this chart down live during the session 13 years ago and it still holds up in my opinion. I actually found a link to purchase it here:

Or, a clip from it is on the audio page of my website here:

It's kind of "Seal-ish" overall....and I think I played on 4 tracks on that record, produced by the multi Grammy Steve Rodby. Hope you're entertained.

Cheers from Phoenix,
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