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Default Re: Is it fair to play live with a metronome?

Can't quite believe this thread is still unresolved. In my most humble opinion, YES it is definitely fair to play live with a metronome. I can't quite believe it's actually a point of conjecture.

Bonzo.....I fully respect your decison NOT to play with one. It's your call and I'd never try to argue that. Truth be known, I've had no real need to use one myself on an ongoing basis. Many cats do though, and they can be a neccessary tool to many musos in many live situations. But, to suggest they don't have their place is completely futile and unworthy of further argument.

Conrad, I think you'll find that they have made their way further into the mainstream due to the fact that so many more acts are relying on sequenced or sampled music/backing track to accompany their live tracks. In this sort of situation the click can be ideal.
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