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Default Re: Sorry guys i dislike terry bozzio.

Originally Posted by druid View Post
No worries on accuracy....that is great you got to see him with Frank though. I did not see Frank live till the Wackerman era ( which was also great).....Bozzio looked about 12 or so when he played with Zappa so it's easy to see where people might have thought him younger than he was and Zappa was always good for razzing his players. you are right though he was a powerhouse of a player in those days ...and his Missing Persons days....intense.

yeah his singing....Punky. etc....;-) LOL.
Cheers Druid. God knows where that rumour came from - some over-active imagination, I expect :)

Chad is a monster too but you don't get Terry's showmanship. Napoleon Murphy Brock carried on a lot too. Terry is a buzz to see live. He needed to work hard, though, because Uncle Frank really cranks his guitar up. And yes, his vocals are punky and pretty damn unsexy IMO - but fun :)
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