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Default Re: Caddy's Ludwig kit w/Zildjian cymbals

Originally Posted by DSCRAPRE View Post
I don't have a lot of gigging experience (Read: no gigging experience) so my big stands aren't an issue...yet.
They have their place for home. I use them, but I don't lug them around. If you gig less than a couple times a month, I could see it not being that big of a deal, but if you play out more than that, the lighter stands and smaller kits really start making sense after a short while. For me, it's not the weight, necessarily. I consider myself a pretty strong guy, and I could handle it, but it's more of a space issue. I'd never be able to fit 2 giant double-braced stands with 1" diameter pipes into my tiny suitcase, and I'm NOT willing to get a large hardware case on wheels because it would just be a huge pain in the butt compared to what I'm doing now...
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