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Default Re: Sorry guys i dislike terry bozzio.

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
It was mid-70s FZ. Word was going around that Terry was a 19yo prodigy. Looking up Wikipedia now, this turns out to be BS. Not even I'm that old! It was 1974 or 75 so he would have been around 24yo

Sorry for the misinformation. This has happened to me a couple of times here, where things a group of people I hung out with in my youth turned out to be rubbish or urban myths. The other good one was about egg cartons and soundproofing. How about that? Hedonistic, pre-Internet teenage rock musos turn out not to be the most reliable source of information lol

If you can trust my memory after that, Terry was a powerhouse at that gig. I hadn't been exposed to a lot of high-level musicianship and his sound, power and speed blew me away. I was in love - until he started singing :)

No worries on accuracy....that is great you got to see him with Frank though. I did not see Frank live till the Wackerman era ( which was also great).....Bozzio looked about 12 or so when he played with Zappa so it's easy to see where people might have thought him younger than he was and Zappa was always good for razzing his players. you are right though he was a powerhouse of a player in those days ...and his Missing Persons days....intense.

yeah his singing....Punky. etc....;-) LOL.
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