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Originally Posted by razorx View Post
I would say his playing suffered very badly. this is the best example of it

I never realized how bad his drumming suffered until i recently started trying to learn some kiss songs and compared them to live performances. I've seen kiss many time over live.
Wow that 77 clip takes me back....I saw them on the secondl eg of that tour ( actually I saw Alive II) when I was 11 years old....My Dad took me and my brother too see KISS Jan 13 1978 at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh...BTW_ Peter Criss passed out after 20 minutes of playing,... delaying the show. That should have been a sign of things to come. KISS was at their absolute height right went all down hill after that, the solo albums...the Phantom.Side note on the show itwas "general admission" meaning first come first serve with seating...and this was a month after the Who tragedy...there was a rush of fans pushing to get in that night and my brother almost got caught up in it as a little kid. Ticket prices? $7.50...I still have the stub.

I grew out of KISS pretty quick getting into Zep..then RUSH then Zappa then everyother form of music I could think of. But KISS and the Beatles were two of my first favs,.
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