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Default Re: circa 1971 pic of Bob Da Druma

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Yes, I used the cymbal mount for a cowbell. I don't think that it occurred to me that it was for your ride cymbal!
Yeah they werent very good for holding a heavy ride up through a little bit of pounding, but I actually still have the original L bar and cymbal mount for my '60 s Ludwigs. I havent used any of the bass drum mounts for years but never lost em!...Imagine placing a 24" Rude ride on that, lol. Which is why using it for something light like a cowbell or splash makes alot more sense.

As far as setting up outside, I happened to have a Township cop living across the street. He came over to warn me/us about 3 times then threatened to sign a complaint... He never said exactly what for but when you have a cop for a neighbor... you try to stay on his good side. So we kept it inside after that.

Give me a few years and I ll post a few pics of me rockin out around the age of 11-13. I have to find them first. Still playin the same set too!
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