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Default Re: John Tempesta

I admired his work with Rob Zombie.

He's a nice guy too.

When I getting into playing with loops and such live, I was rather nervous about pulling it off, and I didn't even have the proper equipment yet. I just so happened to run into John at a local club. He was there with a hot girl, and a drink, but I asked him if I could talk to him for a minute. He was very nice, set down his drink, set down the girl, and we chatted a for a few minuted about playing with loops and general career advice.

I was very grateful that he took a few minutes out his rock star evening to talk to me, and his little talk gave me the confidence to go forward with what I was doing at the time. Now playing with loops and backing tracks is 2nd nature to me, but I have to thank John for helping turn that corner.

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