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Originally Posted by psycho View Post
Did you put tape over the badge? And, did the finish end up rough around the badge?

My set has the matte finish; can you point me in the right direction for a matte lacquer?

I could write a book on this topic, so its a bit tough to give you all of the details, here. You have 2 major issues: 1) How to remove the current finish 2) How to apply the new finish.

Removal: Even if you attempt to use paint stripper, you're going to need to sand the shell after, to make sure you have it down to bare wood and any residue from the stipper is gone. Wipe the whole thing down with a wet rag after you sand. Use finer grades of sandpaper as you go. The other option is to sand from the beginning and not use stripper. You would need to use a heavier sand paper to start with to get the lacquer off. However, you need to be real careful with sanding to keep everything nice and smooth. Stay away from the bearing edges.

Yes, I put tape over the badge and carefully removed it once the lacquer was fully dried. I took a sharp pocket knife and carefully scored (ran it around) the edges of the badge, to make sure the tape would pull off from the new lacquer. If you do this too soon, you can pull the paint off with it.

However, in your case, it sounds like your kit is stained, not a lacquer like the kick drum. Lacquer is a high gloss paint, not a satin stain. The new kick could also have clear lacquer over stain. Why don't you post some photos? So, once you have it down to the bare shell, you're going to be staining, not re-lacquering as I did. Correct? Staining should be easier than painting. The trick will be to try and match the color and hue of the stain.

I'm sure you can find tips on the web about staining drums or wood in general. If the drums match, except the new new kick is glossy and the other drums are satin, the other option is to just leave it the way it is and avoid all of this. Posting some photos would help.

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