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Default Re: Sorry guys i dislike terry bozzio.

Originally Posted by ANIMALBEATS View Post
Being educated to some of his (earlier) work has lead to a new found respect for the man.
I love when this happens. There are several drummers, like Bozzio, that fall into the category of "Their drumming is larger than my musical listening experience".

Colaiuto, Steve Smith, Dunsbar and Bruford come to mind. I'm sure there are many others.

My first experience with these drummers was a new experience for me, but only a musical milestone for them within the realm of music that they participated in.

This sometimes hindered my appreciation (or lack thereof) because I had a less informed understanding of their musical relevance.

When I first noticed Vinnie Colaiuto, he was plaing with Zappa. I was more insecure with my drumming ability and my own philosophies on music and musicianship. Vinnie C. was very intimidating to me. Zappa's music could be so complicated and Vinnie navigated the arrangements in such a way that was inspiring but also very humbling. I formed an initial opinion at first that I didn't like him because it wasn't the kind of music I preferred. Many years later when I started to notice his drumming credit on countless albums, I discovered a new found respect for his drumming.

The same was for Bozzio, although it was coincidence that he was also with Zappa, in that I couldn't relate to his ability and I chalked him up as another superfreak that Zappa found. My musical development hadn't evolved enough to help me understand that as lifelong musicians, that music was part of one of many phases in their own development.

It happens over and over. You like Dunsbar with Journey but maybe think the drumming sucks on Jefferson Starship's Freedom at Point Zero. (He played on that album)

Maybe you are initially turned off by Bruford's electronic stuff but think he's a God in King Crimson.

I'm a big fan of Steve Gadd. I think that his best parts have been the highly creative and very original parts he created in a recording context. He's a great drummer but I'm less than impressed when I watch him play with Clapton. His playing is excellent but just not what I initially started appreciating Gadd for, so I still hold a bit of that attitude.

Drummers that have a a unique and dinstinctive style that is ongoing and consistent are easier to formulate an opinion about that doesn't change so much over time.

Terry Bozzio is a drummer that almost every drummer can find something to like about if they take the time to listen.
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