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I wish to have the chance to meet any of these drummers personally - what a great experience should it be - By the way, how was Cozy's performance with Whitesnake? Did he played songs like Stargazer, Kill The King, Beethoven 9th, Long Live Rock 'N' Roll?

Very good post, thanks!

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I remember when QR hit it big. I wasn't a huge metal fan but I did catch them on TV one night and the first thing I noticed was how hard he hit his drums and how noticeable his solidness was. I became a Frankie Banali fan right there. I then went to go see them when they came to town, and he was great. Kind of a precursor to like likes of Mike Bordin and Dave Grohl.

Just an aside: That Quiet Riot tour also gave me the chance to see Cozy Powell drumming for Whitesnake, who opened for Quiet Riot that tour. I saw Cozy Powell one more time with Emerson Lake and Powell - RIP Cozy.
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