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Default Re: Living the dream.

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Sorry Jer, you missed the gig. She gave birth to a 9lb boy at 2:00 AM Wellington time. Recon you should be relaxing after your gig by then. How did it go? My sister in law tells me the Wellington crowd is quite music savvy. Good luck for the rest of your tour.
Congrats to your sister!

Ya, I think we were still rockin' Welly at 2am. Was a very enthusiastic crowd, got 'em dancing once again - treated awesome by the folks at Royal Hotel in Palmerston North, thin crowd there, but had 'em up dancing none the less...

Comped steak for dinner tonight, chocolate mudslide cake and ice cream for dessert, open tab at the bar... saw the sun come up again last night, found good sleeping position in the van that doesn't paralyze my back - a good day.

Does the new born have a name yet?
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