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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

Jonescrusher. maybe you should join the debate, seeing as you have alot to say, i am interested in your opinion, on the several topices being banted about on this thread.

You might as well join in, seeing as your maoning comments have little to do with this thread either.

If you do not like this topic, then please leave, and go and moan else where.

I bet you are one of these people, who think a film has to much swearing in it, but will watch it all the same, moaning all the way through about the language, when all you have to do is to get up and leave.

Daja Vous, maybe.

But at least, you have now added a peice of diversity into the thread.

But to get back on topic.

England will be in the final of the world cup, with the whole world watching, then this thread will get really lively.

Rendevous, i see that 4no. players have left celtic football club and all gone south of the border, to the championship leauge and only 1 going to to the preimership and that was only Wigan. Was it something they said. maybe.
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