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Default Re: Sorry guys i dislike terry bozzio.

Playboy bunnies and their silicone type are a dime a dozen. I wouldn't use that as a criteria. And many of the greats from days gone hauled their own gear, so I think that entire line of thinking is mute.
Yes, I felt the comment was moot and probably should have been mute :)

As for the latest comments .... I don't see a whole lot of people making out that Charlie Watts is one of "the greats". What I do see is a lot of "I love Charlie's playing and his approach". You see the occasional post calling him or Ringo or Phil or Meg "The Greatest" (or whatever) but that's just web talk - people often use "the greatest" in lieu of "my favourite". They know that Terry B and the many virtuosic drummers out there run rings around those players technically, but obviously the star players' drumming doesn't touch them the way their faves do.

Guys - is your partner the prettiest, smartest, leggiest, richest, most charming, astute, successful, kind, friendly, ethical woman in the world (oh, and has the most perfectly formed breasts and a sex goddess)? My guess is not, but she is still your favourite woman. Same deal.

Druid, I don't see anyone worshipping "the idol of simplicity" either. I'd say virtuosity is idolised more than simplicity on this forum and others. Some people rebel against that and appreciate humility more than flash and ostentatiousness. Probably looking more for tastiness than excitement. It depends on what floats your boat. Also, some drummers are more into music as a whole than drums in particular and just like to be part of the music-making process, even if the role is a relatively minor one. I disagree with dissing dynamic and exciting musicianship, though. There's a lot of musical flavours out there to enjoy.

Still, one of the most common mistakes young drummers make is overplaying - putting their own playing ahead of the music and going for the exciting hero stuff even if it's sloppy and sounds like a lot of clutter. Often they won't acknowledge how challenging it can be to execute lines with a lot of space crisply and with groove. When you play a lot of notes it can provide cover for sloppy timing. Many of us have been there done that.

So old people often tell young 'uns about the mistakes they made in their youth in the hope that the next generation can avoid those blind alleys. Of course it's pointless because the young 'uns usually just tell us to get [expletived] and do it twice as much :)

Boomstick, your comment about Terry B coming across better live is spot on IMO. I was a long way back in a big hall and Terry was just a teenager at the time, and I was still blown away. If anyone has the chance to see him play live, I suggest you don't worry about his recordings and go see him. He's a huge talent and he conveys an insane level of excitement live.

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