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Default Re: 2010 World Cup-South Africa

Do not like your flipent tone, and the way you are trying to talk down to us.

This is a good place, for such a discussion, football, politices, or what ever it may be.

If it has escaped your attention, this is called the "OFF TOPIC LOUNGE".

Now in my book that means, that you can talk to fellow drummers, about anything other than drumming. Or have i got this wrong.

Read the little small print beside the words "OFF TOPIC LOUNGE" they say "all discussions not relating to drumming"

Now i was never to bright at school, but even i got that one.

Some times there are drummers who you may like, or may dislike, and maybe you would like to talk to them about things other than drums, and this is the place for it.

So if you do not like this thread, could you please move along, and reply to other threads, but not in the "OFF TOPIC LOUNGE" as you may not agree with the topics.

The OFF TOPIC LOUNGE. for all things not drums.

If i have got it wrong, please accept my appolgises, for my misinterpatation and spelling.

But again i think not.
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