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Default Re: Five Finger Death Punch

Originally Posted by Moldy View Post
Awesome album art. Otherwise, very meh.

To us non-metalheads, the distinction between various genres of metal can get lost, as well as the difference between "screaming" and "yelling". I guess one is more high pitched?

You know what is a cool metal project, though? Austrian Death Machine. Not a huge fan of the music itself, but the lyrics are awesome. Come on, an entire group dedicated to Arnold and the movies he's been in.
1) In this case, "screamo" is a punk/hardcore offshoot that involves a lot of high-pitched screeching as opposed to the more standard hardcore/metal gruff howl. Think the difference between The Used's singer and Machine Head's. This is, of course, not counting high-pitched screamers like the guy from 3 Inches of Blood, or black/extreme singers like Cradle of Filth...

2) Austrian Death Machine is decent, but not a band I'd really "support". Just another of Tim's various side projects. Very entertaining, though.

And finally, Five Finger Death Punch is what I would deem "GOOD". They aren't great, they aren't bad, but they're good. Reliable metal I can listen to at pretty much any time.
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