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Default Re: Sorry guys i dislike terry bozzio.

Originally Posted by boomstick View Post
I would say that what Terry does now comes off much better live, in-person, than listening to recorded tracks or watching videos. There's just something about hearing/feeling all those acoustic drums & cymbals live that make the performances exciting. It's kind of like Kodo, the taiko drummers from Japan. I have seen them perform live three times, and I was blown away each time, but I'm not nearly as moved when listening to their CDs. Interestingly enough, Terry's current approach to drumming is very similar to taiko groups like Kodo, in that he creates musical compositions on the drums. The difference being Kodo is an ensemble performance, whereas Terry does it all by himself. If you haven't already, I would urge you to see Terry perform live before you form a final opinion about his performances. (And see Kodo too, if you get the chance.)
Agree...the first perfromance I saw in person was with MP...he had the electronic kit he desinged himself back then.... absolutely crazy wild man playing...some skinny dude with orange hair and a Purple suit going ballistic. Up to that point Neil Peart I had though was"the best"....his fast double bass work on the Shark pedals floored me. From then on I really got into his past work with Zappa and ( all the other Zappa drummers) and into jazz and so on and so on....I've always followed what he has been doing ever since and do think his "drumset as an orchestra" stuff is great.

I know what others are saying about Charlie Watts's true sometimes I think the whole band thing overshadows the actual playing...not putting down those guys at all....but even though I realize it is all about balance and taste I STILL get infuriated when people worship the idol of simplicity and slag on people who have decided to go a different perhaps more techinal route. It's silly. There is room for everything and not everyone wants to only be a support player in pop music.
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