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Default Re: Sorry guys i dislike terry bozzio.

Originally Posted by Thaard View Post
I liked his work with Zappa, missing persons and the solo's. What I didn't like is that he didnt invite Vinnie C to the drumchannel "Best zappa drummers-episode". Maybe it has to do with the whole zappa-audition thingy.
Word is ....he DID invite him...but Vinnie did not participate.

I really have liked almost all of Bozzio's stuff...His Zappa material,UK, Missing Persons, Jeff Beck ( felt he was lost in a sea of guitars with Vai-sorry-even thought I like Vai )his solo drumming takes awhile to digest or get into ....but for me at least once I felt like I *got* what he is doing -I enjoyed it that much more from a listener's perspective.Plus my discovery years and years ago of his stuff led to the other Zappa drummers for me. Hey at least he is not all head-pitting gospel chops THAT is something I grow tired of pretty quick.
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