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Default Re: Sorry guys i dislike terry bozzio.

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
I'm with you on this, Strangelove.

I guess I like Charlie Watts... I mean, that's a cool Gretsch and he never distracts from um, Mick? I read that he likes jazz and plays it a bit, but I've never heard any of that. Maybe it's not so much that I like Charlie Watts, but more like I don't dislike Charlie Watts.

I do like Phil Rudd's groove, but I used to hate his guts when I was a kid. I've gotten over that but I know a lot of drummers that don't sound too different from him.

Now I'm really going to start a crises on this thread - perhaps I should just start a new thread... oh well, here goes:

What's the deal with John Bonham? I've noticed on virtually all the drum forums that his throne is right next to God's. Even on cymbalholic, where the drummers are predominantly jazz, you won't hear a critical word about him.

And I'm certainly not going to start talking smack about him.

However, I never liked Led Zeppelin all that much so as much as I like Bonham, it's despite the band he played in. When I look at him in isolation, I see a guy who figured out how to make drums sound really cool by choosing large drums tuned to resonate nicely with a very classic Ludwig snare sound, but that really was Ludwig's sound (both snare & kit) as much, if not more, than it was Bonham's, IMO. Ditto for the Paiste's.

He did have an enormous groove, though, and I'm pretty sure that's the thing that his biggest fans are attracted to (plus his kit sound), but I'm not sure.

There have been other drummers that have had that heavy thing in their playing before him, but they didn't play in Led Zeppelin. Gus Johnson from Count Basie comes to mind - big fat kick with that Bonham-esque behind-the-beat punch. This was from the early '50s. Don't hear much about him.

Anyway - Sorry John, no disrespect... just wondering how you got yourself immortalized for being, okay, well above average, but without 1/2 the skill set as many more technically proficient drummers.

Back to topic: I found Spring Session M on Rhapsody and am listening to it now. I don't care what anyone says, Bozzio rules!
To be honest, I am a Gretsch fan, myself, and enjoy listening to Watts - always have. But when I see threads lionizing the guy as one of the greatest, I cannot believe my eyes. I don't think Charlie himself would ever even classify himself as one of the greats. Neither would Phil Collins, Don Henley, Phil Rudd, etc. They all were famous drummers from legendary rock groups, but legendary great drummers, they are not.

Bonham, he is lionized in the same way, but I believe a cut above those other guys in talent abilities. I doubt Watts or Rudd could even attempt "Good Times, Bad Times" in the manner John played it. But there are alot of drummers more accomplished than Bonham, too.
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