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Default Re: Sorry guys i dislike terry bozzio.

Originally Posted by boomstick View Post
What's missing in this discussion about "wallflowers" is that undefinable quality in a drummer's contribution to a song: that unique musical personality that every musician has. It manifests in how they play (personality), what they play (composition), and how they sound (undefinable). Sure, there were guys out there who were more technically proficient that Charlie Watts, but we have no real basis for comparison where it matters most. That is, we don't have tracks of other drummers creating and performing those same Stones songs at the same point in time. What would those songs have sounded like with a different drummer? Different for sure. The gear would have been different, the rhythms and fills would have been different, as would the grooves. The song structures may have even changed in some cases. But would the songs have been better? Hard to imagine that. Would they have been as good? Maybe. Would they have been inferior? Possibly. Again, it's impossible to know for sure. I'd venture to guess, though, if we could hear such recordings, it may come as a surprise to some how much better they sound with Watts, and then maybe a bulb would pop on. We can talk about who is more skilled than whom, but skills are just part of the overall equation. They get noticed because they are concrete and easy to evaluate. But sometimes we forget about the more elusive qualities in drumming because they aren't so easy to put your finger on, but they are just as important, imo.
Nice post, Boom. It's impossible to know.

It's easier to look at what drummers play and how they play it, less straightforward to look at how the ideas behind what a drummer plays - the why. I'm with The Merovingian in this debate..
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