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Default Re: Sorry guys i dislike terry bozzio.

I love Bozzio, and he's one of the few drummers I can actually watch do a drum solo anymore.

But sure, a lot of his more esoteric stuff is hard to listen to. Even as much of a fan of him as I am, I don't own his solo CD's, and I can't imagine sitting around listening to his solo's all day. And some of the more out there bands he's recorded with I can't take much of.

I had one his CD's with The Lonely Bears and it did nothing for me.
There were a few great moments on the 1st Black Light Syndrome album, but there were also a lot of songs that just sounded like mindless noodling.

Now, his (breif) time with Steve Vai was flat out amazing. I love his playing on Vai's "Sex and Religion" album. And with Jeff Beck on "Guitar Shop".

He had some great parts with Missing Persons as well. Many concepts that we've since heard played by numerous drummers on numerous records all started with ideas Terry played with Missing Person's and other bands he was prior to that time.

But whatever, there are some well known technical drummers I can't either. I wish I had a 1/4 of their technique, but musically, they leave me cold. Even as much as I listen to Rush, Dream Theater, Fates Warning, there are still other bands/artists/drummers out there that sound too much like they're reading exercises rather than playing music. But obviously, other people think otherwise.
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