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Default Re: Sorry guys i dislike terry bozzio.

Originally Posted by ANIMALBEATS View Post
well, i have to hold my hands up and say i've never heard any of his in band playing. But his solos i cant stand. If you have any tracks you think might change my mind please suggest them.
Jeff Beck's "Guitar Shop" should do the trick - the whole record demonstrates his very fluid manner and his unique constructions.

Also, "Spring Session M" by Missing Persons is great from beginning to end. There are some epic drum tracks on there. That is, if you can even find it anymore.

These two albums are pretty "standard" drumset-type stuff (for the most part): Double-bass, some rack toms and a couple floor toms. Hi hats and cymbals are mostly standard stuff, too. Except that he was pioneering the china stacks by that time, but at least he was using mostly "regulation" cymbals, too.

I can totally see your point, ANIMALBEATS, if I were new to him now, I wouldn't be floored either. Obviously, his technique is great, but he really sounds best in a good band if you ask me. I've seen him with Jeff Beck as I mentioned, but I've seen two of his clinics, as well. The first was in the early '90s when his kit was still manageable, and the second time with his big kit. I was a lot more impressed with the first clinic than the second.

To the Zappa stuff: I'm going to be a heretic here, and just say that it leaves me as cold as does Bozzio's solo stuff. I was first turned on to Bozzio, Colaiuta, and Wackerman through Zappa, but I just can't get into that kind of music anymore. But o each his own.
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