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Default Re: Sorry guys i dislike terry bozzio.

Originally Posted by Strangelove View Post
Please be more specific. What do you not like about his rythms? What do you think of his timing (particularly live)?

I'm not a fan of his, but the only drummers I can say that I don't really like are the wallflower 2/4 guys that just get alot of notoriety because they play for AC/DC, the Rolling Stones, etc. Terry has worked harder than most drummers at his craft.
In my mind Terry Bozzio is one of those tremendously talented players who has casted himself so deeply into a drumming niche that it has actually worked against him professionally. Zappa's band was perfect for Terry, but very few situations have been so perfect since. I thought it was interesting to see him play with Fantomas, but there really wasn't a great more that he could add to Fantomas that Dave Lombardo couldn't already cover. Nonetheless Terry Bozzio is a very talented drummer. Whether you like the music or not, very few can say they played with Zappa.

Anyway calling Phil Rudd and Charlie Watts wallflowers is just idiotic. Regardless of advanced drumset technique or ability, you're talking about 2 drummers who played so many parts so perfectly. Phill Rudd's time, consistency and precision, is on par with any of the greats, it just so happens that he plays with AC/DC. Charlie Watt's feel for the Rolling Stones's music is amazing and well crafted. His playing on the Exile on Main Street album alone is enough to put him among the greats.
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