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Default Re: Neil Peart

An article I came across.

Neil discussing Rush may release new songs, but not an album, and Neil recording a new version of "The Hockey Theme"
Click the link for the whole article,

A few excerpts:

suddenly albums don't mean anything," Peart told The Canadian Press in a telephone interview from his home in California.

"We're thinking of writing and recording a few songs and maybe releasing them, and playing them live, and then going back and doing some more later.

Peart was similarly forward-thinking when it came time to record a new version of "The Hockey Theme," the iconic song that has opened broadcasts of "Hockey Night in Canada" for 40 years.

Peart's version will debut on TSN during Thursday's broadcast of the Toronto-Philadelphia game and will then be used for the rest of the season by the network.

After being "blown away" by the invitation to recreate the classic tune, Peart decided on his approach: a "drum solo with horns."
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