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Default Re: Sorry guys i dislike terry bozzio.

I like Bozzio. His more orchestrated work and monster kit pieces are less appealing to me but his playing in a band context is really good.

In the late 80's, he was out on the road with Jeff Beck. I saw him in concert on a tour where one night Beck opened for Stevie Ray Vaughn and then the next night SRV opened for Beck.

I had never heard of Terry Bozzio then. He was wild and crazy looking. He had numerous earrings, piercings and a wacked out Missing Persons style hair do.

He had chains connecting his nose ring to his earring to his nipple ring, and more than one. He played with this amazing reckless abandon and this metal was jingling and flying all over the place.

His drumming rocked and it was like he was channeling Jeff Beck's thoughts. I was a fan from then on.

Looking back it was so out of character to his look and playing now.

Bozzio is certainly not everyone's cup of tea. AnimalBeats, you might like his post Zappa stuff.
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