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Default Re: Living the dream.

Originally Posted by spides666 View Post
Way prefered the South Island to the North by a mile........Been to Christchurch, Dunedin (damn cold at the time) and Queenstown (best place in New Zealand I visited)

Up North nice enough but didn't find people as friendly as the South. Rotora, Taupo then up to Whangeri!!

It is a beautiful place, it's a myth about the never seen so many cows!!!
Queenstown was pretty rocking, for sure... I'm still in Wellington, so I won't make any calls on preference until I get around here for awhile..., c'mon - I've seem millions of sheep and only tens of thousands of cows, I do come from rural Ontario - we have our fair share of cows there, so maby I don't notice them as much...

Malti - thanks for the kind words! I hope to get as many photos online when I get back, until then...

Mt. Cook...

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