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Originally Posted by andSometimesY View Post
Yeah, Drew Goddard (the lead guitarist) recorded all of the drums for Themata and Steve did all the drums on Sound Awake. There should be a Drew Goddard thread too because he is amazing! I was kind of disheartened when I learned that Karnivool's GUITARIST was a better drummer than me. Steve Judd is much better though, the drums on Sound Awake are phenomenal.

Just remember though that Drew is a drummer that plays guitar - don't be too hard on yourself!

But also worth noting that Themata was a studio album, unto which alot of the drums were programmed in Protools i believe. Then Steve joined the band to tour with them, and had to learn all of the parts lol

Even looking at the Shutterspeed film clip, you can see Forry (forrester savell - album producer) pretending to play drums instead of steve!
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