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Hi guys

I'm new to the forum so I'll take this opportunity as well to say hello to you other drum heads out there.

The reason why I'm posting this is because I searched the internet for the drummer Tony Hajjar and didn't find any real discussion about him. He used to be in the band At the drive-in and later on he was in the band Sparta.

I personally like this guy very very much. I envy his style and skills and I am having a really hard time trying to duplicate some of the songs from At the drive-in. It seems like you really have to a high stamina or very developed technique to do what he does.
Now I am not a very skilled drummer myself (been playing for only 3 years) so I might be wrong when I say that he has a unique style and creativity that is rare, but I really like what his drumming does to many of the songs that he is involved in...

Does anyone have any opinion on this guy? Would love to hear it...
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