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Default Re: Who's got the most posts and how many

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
ADMINS: at what point have we shown enough dedication to this forum to have our own nomenclature in our membership status? It's one of the goals in my trivial life here in internet forumdom. What do we need? 5,000 posts? I'll get right on it. (Personally, I think 2,500 is a good, solid number...)
There is no such rule, we just randomly assign personal membership status when the mood strikes.

Originally Posted by That Guy View Post
Many years ago DB stole a good deal of my posts and accredited them to him for the cause. It was for the good of Drummerworld.
I lost a thousand or so over the years, mostly due to massive deletions from the Off Topic Lounge. I keep meaning to bump my number back up, but I never get around to it.
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