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Default Re: Does anyone find it hard to get off drummerworld and get to bed.

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post

Wy, you need to get out more mate.....there's a cold beer waiting across the border....come down and grab it. The 'second' city will make you most welcome!
I kept at it til about 5.00 then went up to the bottle shop and bought some Stones Ginger beer.

Mate going out costs money and most of my students are away on holidays so I am trying to budget. This is why I've still not seen Avatar. I'm teaching Thursday arvo and Sat and that's it for this week.

I'm getting up early tomorrow to do my washing before the heat starts. Once the sun is up it should dry in 5 minutes or so.

Then I'll practice again.

I told you I couldn't think of anything better to do! :-)
" Those who know, do not speak.
Those who speak, do not know."
Lao Tzu
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