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Default Re: What is the point, or meaning of life?

Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
This is not a Tool thread.
And this is not a love song. Will this damage my Public Image? :)

Originally Posted by aydee
Tandoori Chicken is overrated, Pol you haven't lived if you haven't tried a Dosa.

My own take on the meaning of life.. hmmmm... when its dark, I can see the stars?
Haven't tried a dosa, Abe. Usually it's been palak paneer since I've decided to give chickens a break, but I always enjoyed Tandoori chook at the local Indian restaurant. The food is great there, which is why most of its clientele are Indian. Next time I go there I'll look for dosa.

Your darkness and stars quote reminds me of a poster I saw on a bus many years ago. There was a picture of cloudy day with the silhouettes of a boy and a man looking at the sky. The words underneath read:

One day when the sky is a sink of fatty white I ask him what colour is the sky and he says blue. Look I say and again ask what colour. He stares up at the dullness of it, the low whited out mist of it and says the sky is blue.

And Groucho's quote reminds me psychologist, Dan Gilbert's, talk about happiness? It's long but well worth the time IMO

I must be getting old - almost everything reminds me of something I've seen before!

BD, LOL ... "that irresistible prog promotion urge" ... classic :)
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